House of Love Campaign

Korean Society for Service in Asia has been progressing ‘House of Love’ in Vinh Long Province, where the Mekong River in southern Vietnam flows. We removed banana leaves that leaked whenever it rained and built concrete houses by raising the floor to keep insects and snakes out. We also provide one calf for each family to become independent. It started in 2001, and 2,000 houses have been built for over 20 years. Next year, with the National People’s Committee of Vinh Long Province, we will set up a venue to celebrate “2020 House of Love Campaign” in 2020.

Hamnon Kindergarten / Tra Gon Kindergarten / Tan Binh Kindergarten

We have built three kindergartens in Vinh Long Province and continue to subsidize operating and activity expenses. The Hamnon Kindergarten, that was built for the first time, has 4 classrooms, 15 teachers, 90 students and staff. The Tra Gon Kindergarten has 6 teachers and 105 students and children of the Khmer Tribe, a minority in Vietnam, are attending. And the Tan Binh Kindergarten, which was started by borrowing an old elementary school, has 9 classrooms and 230 students. We subsidize the living expenses for teachers and support the activity expenses for programs of kindergarten children. We are now planning to invite kindergarten teachers to visit Korea.

Long Toan Elementary School

This elementary school in the Tra Vinh Province, Duyen Hai Prefecture, was first built by Korean Society for Service in Asia, and has been supporting operation expenses for library, living expenses for teachers, and activity expenses. In 2018, the enrollment rate of middle school reached 100%.

Child Support Business

Vinh Long Province, located on Southwest of Ho Chi Minh City, is a poor region in Vietnam. Since it is located in the delta area of Mekong River, it operates the child support business in a typical rural village with advanced agriculture. Vietnamese people who have been influenced by Confucianism tend to have high enthusiasm for education even in rural areas, but many children have no choice but to give up their studies due to poverty. Korean Society for Service in Asia is helping these children to have bigger dreams while attending school.