School Classroom Construction in Toulakhom

In cooperation with the Office of Education in Toulakhom, located in north part of the Laos’ capital, Vientianne, we have been constructing kindergartens, elementary, middle and high school classrooms. Locals provide basic materials and manpower, and materials for construction are provided to build classrooms where children can study comfortably. It is a dream classroom for children who have been studying in the wood classroom on the earthen floor, which is destroyed by fire ants.

Village Development Ministry

In the village of Thong Pong, the western border of Vientianne, we set up the Immanuel Music Academy to teach music to children. Children in Laos who have lots of dreams are nurtured by establishing new kindergartens. We’ve served for the village for over a decade to build friendship and trust with the villagers, and now many children are flocking to the village of Thong Pong. The Village Development Ministry is expanding one by one by visiting adults with children.

Xengxi Kindergarten, and Elementary School

Founded and started in 2012, A Kindergarten in Xengxi was converted to a regular course in 2019 after seven years of operation. As a private school officially accredited by the Ministry of Education in Laos, it is now divided into kindergarten and elementary courses, and the profits here form the foundation of self-reliance missions, allowing churches and sponsoring organizations to focus more on the ministry programs of Xengxi.

Xengxi Study room

In 2016, we established a study room for children and youths in the village, and we are using it as a channel for the dissemination of education culture for the next generation of Laos. The study room for children is divided into areas of learning (one-dollar school), reading, and play, and children in the village pay an amount of two-dollars for monthly membership fee to participate. The study room for youths is divided into areas of language classes, reading classes, and clubs, and youths in the village also pay an amount of two-dollars for monthly membership fee to participate. In particular, the teachers of the study room in Xengxi were nourished from the study room and are serving as working scholarship students.

Xengxi Mission Center

We are interested in the people and living environment of the village and serve in various ways. Through the Kium community (Scholarship Fund), we help future generations in the poor and potential villages and help to grow into healthy adults. Hope Family Ministry works in cooperation with community centers to love poor neighbors in the village. The ministries are providing food aid (Hope Food) and operating ‘Building Hope’ for improvement of the living environment. Cafes in Xengxi play the role of an economic community for disabled women, single mothers, child breadwinners, and youths, allowing them to work together and design their own lives.