Literacy Education

As a result of the Khmer Rouge’s rule and genocide, many people in Cambodia are not well-educated and are illiterate. Since 1999, Korean Society for Service in Asia has been providing opportunities to be able to find legal, economic and human rights to residents in remote areas through reading and writing education. More than 20 years, over 6,000 residents in 9 villages such as Phnom Penh City (Bung Reang Village, and Kreang Moowoong Village), Kampong Cham Province (Rong Weng Village, and Krodas Village), Kampong Tom Province (Snor Village, Ruor Village, Ssang Village, and Toulsungkae Village) have been learning through literacy education, after school study room, computer class, and so on.

Village Development

In remote villages where literacy education has started, Village Development Businesses are also progressing. Libraries and schools were established along with literacy classes around the village center. Kindergartens provide nutritious rice porridge every morning and scholarships are also provided to poor youths. For economic independence and maturity, wells are developed with residents, mango trees and rice are cultivated in a cooperative manner, and a fish farm is also operated. In remote village (Rong Weng Village), where there is no doctor, regular medical treatment is provided and hygiene enlightenment campaigns are being carried out.

Phnom Penh Ecumenical Diakonia Center

The Phnom Penh Ecumenical Diakonia Center of Korean Society for Service in Asia, founded in 2007, is a place for missions to support various businesses underway in Cambodia, and is a venue for training and seminars for local Christians and general NGOs. We distribute Bibles and display Christian books and related products. We also operate guest rooms and large conference rooms and restaurants, and gradually lay foundation for independence.

Bible Donation

Since 1999, we have donated the Bible (New Testament) to graduates of Literacy classes who have been able to read and write on their own. In addition, Cambodian Bibles are provided to Cambodian Christians in remote villages and poor areas. So far, more than 5,500 Bibles have been donated and distributed to various people.